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The war between your Hormones &Environment

The war between your Hormones & Environment

Do you know that your hormones are under attack? Hormones are chemical messengers.
They are important part of the process such as growth and development. Metabolism-How
the body gets energy from the foods we eat. The main types of hormones are
‘Testosterone’, Estrogen, Cortisol, Insulin, Human growth Hormone Serotonin and
Melatonin. These main hormones will interplay each other to perform many body functions
and metabolic functions.

The ratios of these hormones are very important and significant for certain behavioral
As described by an American writer ‘John Gray’ in his book Mens are from Mars and
Women are from Venus, Men and Women are like that in every aspect because of ratio
between two important hormones called ‘Testosterone’ & ‘Estrogen’.
The ratio of these hormones interplay each other for the major differentiation between
Male & Female. (As mentioned they are from distant planets).
Now these hormones are under severe threat. Chemicals and other toxins in your
environment have a structural similarity almost identical to the female hormone estrogen.
This excess of ‘Alien Estrogen’ sabotages your hormones and wrecks your health. Take these
simple steps to flush fake estrogens from your body and re-balance your sexual energy
almost overnight, while protecting yourself from fatigue depression and Cancer.
This estrogen flush process well described in ‘Mahabharata’ while describing the birth of
Sikhandi who converts himself as male by the treatment of certain herbs and organized
The above products which I am explaining that brings back the normal hormonal balance
which intern brings back the male potency are “MANMAKER”.

                                                                                                                              Dr. Ramakrishna Aradhyula
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